✅ Very fair wholesale prices. We only sell to businesses. (B2B)

✅ The sustainability of the products will please your guests and the environment.

✅ We do not import from Asia. Everything is produced exclusively in the EU.

✅ Customization with your logo is possible with a low MOQ.

✅ Fast and insured shipping with UPS

How to customize amenities with your logo

The customization of your amenities is done in 3 easy steps:

1. You send us your logo to: info@bio-amenities.com
2. We complete the design and send you a photo montage.
3. You confirm the photo montage and we start the production.

Thanks to our patented manufacturing method, we have a MOQ for customized amenities of only one box.
The print is singlecolor and it's an ink print! No offset printing!
Colors: black, white, blue, green, red, brown, gold, silver and purple

The creation of the design and the photo montage are for free!

Top Seller

Shower Gel Go Green Organic Green Tea 30 ml Standard

Round Hand Soap Go Green Organic 15 g Standard

Dental Kit Go Green Bio Standard

Hygiene Kit Go Green Basic | 150 Pieces - standard